Elrond Apes to launch their merchandise Store

Elrond Apes hoodies and merchandise shot in New York City

We have been hearing the community and are pleased to announce the launch of the Elrond Apes Merchandise store will go live on Thursday 9th June 2022.You can now buy official Elrond Apes merchandise and represent the outstanding community that has been built.

Users can purchase various items including, hoodies, caps and t-shirts as our first collection. They are able to do so via credit cards or cryptocurrency in the form of Elrond Gold (eGLD)

For the Community

The merchandise store is built for the community and therefore 100% of the profit from the store will go to the DAO. The settlements will be done every 60 days, allowing time to settle payments with suppliers and shippers. The merchandise store will add an additional source of income to the DAO, allowing it for further growth.


Our first limited edition collection has been designed for the Tribe. The focus of our collection has taken inspiration from the actual NFT itself, be it from the hoodies that are worn by some our apes or the shirts. They will be available in all sizes from S to XXL.

Future collections, which design and development is already in full swing and prototyping, have more exciting items coming, from different kinds to styles and products. The next collection will also feature special items for different holders, such as unique items for the Prime holders.

How to pay in crypto

Once you get to the checkout section and pay section, please select “pay in Crypto” a popup box will pop out and you will be provided an address to transfer the funds, for example eGLD. Once the transaction is finalized, and settled, you will automatically see the confirmed message on the pop up and you will receive an email conformation.

Shipping and delivery time

Once the order goes though, it is automatically sent to the manufacture who will start production right away. From order to shipping should be about 15 days. Once shipped, it will be based on the shipping companies and the location of the final destination. We ask the community to expect shipments in 3 to 4 weeks from order as a maximum timeframe. All shipments will be from either California or Pennsylvania in the United States. The cost of shipping will vary depending on the final destination. We have negotiated the rates to provide a subsidized rate for the community. The fees will vary on the total weight and the final destination. The final price of shipping will be displayed before checkout.


Over the coming weeks, there will be multiple giveaways of the merch and will be posted via twitter. It will be for our staked Apes holders. Follow us on twitter to not miss out on the chance to win them!

About Elrond Apes

Elrond Apes is a collection of 10,000 unique apes on the Elrond Blockchain. Our Mint date was January 13, 2022 and had sold out within 43 minutes of the launch. Our community has grown to over 15,000 users. Since launch, we have done over 57,000 EGLD in sales volume

Over the last four months, there have been various milestones that Elrond Apes has achieved. Starting with the launch of our Ape DAO to the community. We have built a robust DAO allowing holders to gain staking rewards. This was followed by the release of Ape Launchpad, which had its first fully minted project on March 31, 2022. We are also proud to have partnered with Morningstar Ventures to spearhead our growth and objectives.

Website: https://elrondapes.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElrondApes

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/elrondapes



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Elrond Apes

Elrond Apes

Elrond Apes is a collection of 10,000 unique apes on the Elrond Blockchain. Our Mint date was January 13, 2022. https://elrondapes.com/