Elrond Apes announcing its first investor — Morningstar Ventures

We are delighted to announce the news of our first investor: Morningstar Ventures. This is a major milestone for us in the Elrond NFT ecosystem. This is the first official investment by Morningstar Ventures in an Elrond NFT project.

Since 2021 Morningstar Ventures has established themselves as the most active venture capital firm in the Elrond ecosystem. They are involved and supporting many ambitious initiatives and projects, and also founded the first Elrond Incubator, based out of Dubai. Over the last few months, Morningstar Ventures pushed two very important successful events within Elrond space. Firstly, their first incubation project Itheum was announced as the 2nd Maiar Launchpad project after Holoride. Secondly, the team released their flagship ‘EGLD Community’ website, which is becoming the social front page for the Elrond community.

The investment into Elrond Apes marks yet another important strategic move for Morningstar Ventures, which thereby concludes its first official investment in an Elrond NFT project. We are glad to be Morningstar Ventures’ first “Accelerator” program project (an upcoming initiative from their Elrond Dubai Incubator) and happy to share that their investment was executed both via an open market purchase of several 100s of Elrond Apes NFTs, along with a capital injection that will be used to fund our future roadmap.

Believe it or not, all the above started with a simple tweet:

“The Elrond Apes team could not be more delighted to partner with Morningstar Ventures and to build a long-lasting relationship with Danilo S. Carlucci, CEO at Morningstar Ventures and early investor and advisor to Elrond, and his team. By working with Morningstar Ventures we are confident in establishing ourselves as market leaders in the Elrond NFT marketplace ecosystem, and thereby keep our philosophy of always leveling up as we scale our project.” Karl Thomas, Elrond Apes Team

“After falling in love with their artwork, the Elrond Apes team impressed me since our first interaction: the team is sharp, on point with their plans, great at communicating and always open for feedback and new ideas! All we can say for now is that we are very excited for Elrond Apes to be the first project from our “Acceleration-Program”, a soon-to-be-released initiative by our Elrond Dubai Incubator. The Elrond Apes team sets a high bar for the future NFT projects we are looking to support, and we are thrilled about the behind-the-scenes ideas we are working on with the team!” Danilo S. Carlucci, Morningstar Ventures

About Elrond Apes

Elrond Apes is a collection of 10,000 unique apes on the Elrond Blockchain. Our Mint date was January 13, 2022 and had sold out within 43 minutes of the launch. Our community has grown to over 15,000 users. Since launch, we have done over 43,000 EGLD in sales volume

Over the last three months, there have been various milestones that Elrond Apes has achieved. Starting with the launch of our Ape DAO to the community. We have built a robust DAO that we will be using to spearhead our growth. With the launch of the DAO came staking rewards, which the Elrond Apes community has enjoyed thus far. We had recently launched the Ape Launchpad, which had its first fully minted project on March 31, 2022.

Website: https://elrondapes.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElrondApes

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/elrondapes



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Elrond Apes

Elrond Apes

Elrond Apes is a collection of 10,000 unique apes on the Elrond Blockchain. Our Mint date was January 13, 2022. https://elrondapes.com/